Ayurveda | Naturopathy

Massage | Ayurvedic Techniques

I help you recover and maintain health with resources and natural remedies

I offer you personalized massages and treatments to achieve well-being

I teach you through courses and workshops the tools you need to improve your life


Ayurveda | Naturopathy

Comprehensive diagnosis and advice. 100% personalized and natural treatments based on nutritional guidelines, herbal medicines and manual therapies.

  • DISCOVER YOUR UNIQUE CONSTITUTION. Each person has unique characteristics and, therefore, equally unique needs. You will discover the methods that are best for you to develop a favorable lifestyle and have excellent health.
  • ADAPT YOUR LIFE TO OPTIMIZE IT. The disease is the direct consequence of physical, mental and emotional imbalances. With Ayurveda you can learn to live your life consistently and in harmony with natural cycles, achieving the strength, vitality and well-being you desire.

Massages and treatments

Manual techniques | Ayurvedic treatments

Treatment through therapeutic touch. Different techniques and products selected to balance the body, mind and energy field.
  • ABHYANGA MASSAGE. Balancing, nourishing and repairing massage perfect for all constitutions.
  • DRY POWDER MASSAGE. Special to reduce fat, fluid retention and promote metabolism.
  • MARMATHERAPY. Stimulation of certain points for the correction of numerous imbalances, physical, mental and emotional.
  • OTHER TREATMENTS. Various Ayurvedic treatments. You will find the most suitable for you.

Workshops & Courses

In person and online

Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurvedic facial massage
Marma therapy
Basic yoga for your health

Very soon


Improve your diet

Solve digestive problems effectively and naturally.

Adapt your routines

Learn about the lifestyle and activities that are best for you.

Increase your vitality

Stop being tired all the time and learn how to gain more energy.

Boost your immune system

Forget about colds, flu and infections. Keep your body healthy and strong.

Make your skin look radiant

Get solved skin problems and achieve a healthy and perfect image.

Improve your mental and emotional health

Get control over your mind and balance over your emotions.

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