About me

My name is Paola Guerrero. I am a naturopath, yoga teacher, phytotherapist and Ayurveda consultant. I am also a masseur and an expert in emotional intelligence.

I have always loved three areas of knowledge: human psychology, spirituality and health.

The first led me to train as a facilitator in transpersonal development and to study about psychology, behaviorism, personality disorders and other aspects related to the mind and emotions, such as neuroscience, emotional intelligence, neurolinguistic programming and non-verbal language .

The second and third brought me closer to yoga and Ayurveda. I started by training as a yoga teacher and ended up focusing on Ayurveda, where I was fascinated by its deep understanding of the human being and how to approach health and disease. Although Ayurveda is something that has been with me for a long time, it was years later when I decided that I wanted to delve deeper and make it my life mission.

However, the wisdom of our lands, that is, popular knowledge and Western remedies to address health in a natural way, are as important and valid to me as Ayurveda (ancient science from India). For this reason, my working method consists of the union and integration of both, naturopathy and Ayurveda, thus making the best of each of them.

    These are the formal studies that, to date, I have carried out (below you can see all my titles):

  • Comprehensive Advisor in Advanced Ayurveda (AIYA - International Association of Yoga and Ayurveda)
  • Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher (AIYA - International Association of Yoga and Ayurveda)
  • Traditional Ayurveda Masseuse (AIYA - International Association of Yoga and Ayurveda)
  • Herbodietics (I.E.N - Institute of Natural Studies)
  • Facilitator in Transpersonal Development (E.D.T - Spanish School of Transpersonal Development)
  • Technician in Naturopathy (APNB - Association of Professionals of Naturopathy and Bioenergetics)
  • Master in Emotional Intelligence (Esneca Business School)
  • Master in Neurolinguistic Programming (Esneca Business School)
  • Master of Professional Makeup and Characterization (Style Studio)

I also have knowledge and practice on the following topics:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Use of stones and quartz
  • Skin care
  • Beauty treatments
  • Meditation and mindfulness

To this day I continue my studies in Ayurveda on my own, expanding and improving them, hand in hand with the best books on the subject, the renowned and highly respected Vasant Lad, eminence and world reference in Ayurveda. I also continue to learn about nutrition, herbal medicine and other subjects of interest related to health and human development.

Being a restless and curious person, I have never stopped studying and learning. I have read sacred texts of various religions, the Buddhist being the first one that caught my attention during my youth, thanks to which I was able to understand in depth the aspects related to virtuous behavior towards oneself and others. I attended classes for a time at a Buddhist center in Madrid, which was a very beautiful experience.

I invite you to meet me and be a participant in this process of inner knowledge. Achieving full health in a natural and holistic way is easy, as long as you discover your own nature and the most appropriate way to attend to it. I will offer you all my resources so that you reach a state of balance and well-being adapted to your own needs.

My Titles

My principles

Applied to the care of people

  1. Each person is unique, as well as their needs. There are no universal remedies that work for everyone, since the characteristics and circumstances of each person require a different therapeutic approach.
  2. Spend sufficient time with the client for clinical observation and diagnosis. Five or ten minutes of consultation does not offer the precision necessary for a complete and in-depth diagnosis. The person needs and deserves more time for a correct and complete evaluation.
  3. Assessment of internal, mental and external factors. An evaluation will not be complete if these three main factors are not reviewed: the physical or physiological conditions of the person, their mental and emotional state, as well as their external conditions.
  4. Diagnosis and treatment of the original disorders and not only the symptoms. Behind every pathological manifestation there is the expression of a deeper disorder. The ultimate goal of the therapist should be to explore the origin of the imbalances through various tools and not only treat the visible symptoms.
  5. Prevention is the best way to prevent disease. Ayurveda advocates the prevention of disease and is supported by an adequate diet, a correct lifestyle and the application of personalized therapies to the characteristics and needs of each individual. Imbalances have a more favorable prognosis in their early stages. If we let them pass and these are not solved in time, recovery from the disease can be more difficult.
  6. Use of natural resources for the preservation and restoration of health. Many times health problems can be solved by taking adequate medicinal plants, mineral supplements, amino acids, personalized diets and a lifestyle according to the unique constitution of the person, yoga or marma therapy, among others. The use of synthetic or laboratory drugs are the last resort due to their high toxicity and side effects in many cases.