Sometimes we need healing hands

Ayurvedic therapies (chikitsa) work with the physical, mental and subtle energy bodies to catalyze and accelerate our healing process.

Ayurvedic treatments provide a way to balance the body constitution, relieve pain, deeply nourish tissues, relieve stress, and calm the mind. Whether it's actively addressing a disease or proactively supporting wellness, there's an Ayurvedic treatment that's right for you.

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Ayurvedic Massages and Treatments

Udvartanam or Uddhulanam

Dry powder massage: special treatment to reduce fat, fluid retention and purify the skin.

60 minutes - 65€

Shiroabhyanga + Padabhyanga

Head and foot massage: calms the mind, the emotions, and deeply relaxes the nervous system.

45 minutes - 55€

Special stress and anxiety massage

Facial, cervical and cranial massage with marma therapy (energy points) to alleviate conflicting mental states.

60 minutes - 65€


Special massage with sensitive point therapy: relieves pain, improves digestion and balances energy flow.

60 minutes - 65€

Basti (Hrid, Kati, Janu, Manya)

Treatment with localized oil: very useful to relieve joint pain, low back pain and rheumatic pain.

90 minutes - 70€

Netra Basti

Eye treatment with ghee: great help for various eye problems. Nourishes and deeply relaxes the system. nervous.

90 minutes - 80€

Nasya + Marmatherapy

Nasal oil administration: effective help for colds, allergies, sinusitis, stress, insomnia and nervousness.

20 minutes - 25€

Anuvasana basti

Rectal oil enema: treatment to eliminate toxins from the large intestine, resolve constipation and flatulence.

60 minutes - 65€


Abhyanga Massage + Steam Sauna: improves general condition, promotes metabolism, relieves physical pain.

2 hours - 85€


Intensive detoxifying treatment: eliminates toxins accumulated throughout the body, purifying and rejuvenating it.

1 week - 320€

I help you select the most suitable treatment for you

Ayurmarma Pack

First consultation + Follow-up + Manual Therapy

1 Full diagnostic session

(90 minutes)

5 Face-to-face or online follow-up sessions

(30 minutos)

5 Massage sessions and steam bath or therapy

(2 horas)

595 €*

*The total price for single sessions would be: 715€

Saving 120€ in total