Workshops & Courses



Introduction to Ayurveda

Philosophy, principles and foundations

Learn about the deepest bases of Ayurveda and how its principles are expressed in life. You will learn the fundamentals of Sanhkya philosophy; the basic and useful concepts of universal laws to understand the order of existence. This knowledge will help you better understand life and align with it.

Theoretical workshop

Ayurvedic facial massage

Decongestant | Relaxing | Draining

Learn how to perform a firming, draining and therapeutic facial massage. You will study facial marma points, their influence on the mind and emotions, as well as their use for certain health problems, such as migraines, otitis, bruxism and heavy eyes, among others.

Theoretical and practical workshop


Energy point therapy

Learn what vital points or marmani are and use them as a diagnostic or treatment tool, with yourself or with others. This tool can be implemented and associated with others, such as massages and manual therapies (physiotherapy, quiromassage, aesthetics, beauty, etc.)

Theoretical and practical workshop

Basic yoga for your health

Yoga to start the day right

There are many schools of yoga with different disciplines and approaches, but there is one thing that can be drawn in common from all of them: they all seek the health and longevity of the individual; reach old age with a healthy, vigorous and flexible body.

My approach to this teaching is simple, but valuable: learning the basic movements and postures that, performing them every day, ensure perfect bone, muscle and joint health to inhabit a body free of pain and ailments.

With this simple lesson applied every morning, you will learn to feel better the rest of the day ... and for the rest of your days!

Theoretical and practical workshop

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